Our physical condition, appearance and health are fundamental values. Eating healthily is synonymous with wellbeing, love for those whom we cherish, and love for ourselves.

Cooking in copper pots and pans that have been properly tinplated by hand, over high heat, with 99.90% pure tin, such as those that we make, allows for the nutritional values and sensory properties of food to be maintained virtually untouched.

Unlike many other substances, metals or alloys, copper is a naturally occurring element that is present in most of the food that we eat and the water that we drink. It is an essential element for human health and has excellent antibacterial properties.

Our copper cookware may also be silver-plated, either completely or just the inside, in order to obtain maximum performance and especially to maximize the inhibition of bacterial growth.

Silver’s properties have been known throughout history. Kings, emperors, tsars and sultans used silver in the kitchen and at the dining table. Back in those days, very small quantities of this precious metal mingled with the food, and it is historically documented that eating from silver made one immune to several infectious diseases.

Today copper, silver and gold represent a blend of trace elements that, in specific amounts, are especially beneficial to human wellbeing, both to combat fatigue of mind and body and to support the body's defenses against infection and seasonal illnesses.

If you have the advantage of owning SENSALIA cookware in copper and silver or in gold, use it with confidence for your own wellbeing, as an object that pleases the eye and as a delightful way to dazzle your guests.