To afford you the pleasure of sipping champagne, wine, sparkling wine or water that is always cool, from the beginning of your meal right to the end: that is the main mission of SENSALIA bottle chillers, which are able to maintain the perfect temperature because they are made of copper.

White wine and champagne: never before have sparkling and light wines, both of which should be enjoyed nicely chilled, been so popular at mealtimes. They pair beautifully with raw fish crudité, caviar, poultry and fruit and also work wonderfully as aperitifs. This calls for a basic precaution in order to satisfy guests: maintain a low temperature until the end of the meal.

So it is that SENSALIA wine coolers and champagne buckets have become indispensable, taking center stage on our dinner tables.

Those who love tradition, sommeliers and epicures won’t be able to resist SENSALIA bottle chillers and champagne buckets, which keep wines, champagne, sparkling wines and water at a constant, perfect temperature.

Our Cache Pots featuring 4 chiseled holes are masterpieces of art with an exquisite design: circular bottle chillers that resemble the form of a grape, to be collected with various engravings.

The five or seven-hole version takes luxury to a whole new level, crowning the prestigious collection.

These pieces are already unique, and may also be personalized.